When we started this project in 1996,
we aimed to recover the traditional
Portuguese Artisanal Bakery
and Pastry.

What can we say about our bread?
It is handcrafted using the long production
process, with superior quality wheat!
We do not use flavour enhancers or any
other ingredients other than the mother dough
or as the elders say, the starter, that we have always
used in our bread.
But there is a set of artisanal production
techniques we use when kneading the dough,
such as Autolysis, which provides for not
feeling heavy after eating our bread.
In order to have a product of this quality,
all three of our Mafrarias have their own
artisanal bakeries, with loafs of bread coming
out all day, every day of the year.
Try this bread and you will feel the difference
Mafraria´s tem a sua fabrica artesanal,
in the flavour and lightness of an authentic
artisanal bread.

We are waiting for you in our coffee houses!

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